Mercedes Benz E-Class AMG: Aftermarket Modifications

Modifying the Mercedes-Benz E-Class the right way can only better the car. Continue reading as this article will give you the different aftermarket modifications to add to your car.

By Peter Sessler - May 11, 2015

This article applies to the Mercedes E-Class AMG (1995-2009).

The world of Mercedes-Benz aftermarket modifications can be daunting. For that reason, this article will be starting with easy modifications. These modifications don't require any installation skills, yet still impart that special something that says this Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG is "mine." In fact, you can spend quite a bit of cash with these mods. Moving towards the more difficult upgrades can have you asking yourself, "why am I doing this?"


DIY Cost – $8-$15 per quart

Professional Cost – $35-$85

Skill Level – Easy

Not only does changing to a synthetic oil have other important advantages, synthetics will last about 15,000 miles before changing. Oil temperature will go down to the tune of 20-30 degrees. A typical synthetic has a much higher film strength. Film strength is the amount of pressure needed to force out a film of oil between two flat pieces of metal. A good petroleum based oil measures at 500 lbs, while most synthetics are around the 3,000 lbs. Also, a synthetic will still continue to lubricate. Recommended for its high film strength.

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DIY Cost– $100-$400 per tire

Professional Cost– Included in installation

Skill Level– Easy

Tires can be purchased to fit very specific needs. Some people like to race their Mercedes-Benz E-Class, some live in snow, and others seek comfort. There are tire options for everyone.

This is another area where you can buy a set of tires, and end up not being very happy. The problem is all that advertising. The tire manufacturer is interested in one thing, and that is to sell more tires. You may buy a set of tires from a reputable manufacturer, but the result is something that is not what you thought they would be. Recommended for its different options, but not necessarily needed.

Listed below are tires bought by MBWorld members and had excellent results:

  • Michelin Pilot HS MXM4
  • Nitto NT555
  • Toyo Proxes 4

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DIY Cost – $125-$800 each

Professional Cost – Installation is include

Skill Level – Easy

The trend for Mercedes is a high-end, wide as possible, stock looking wheel. The wheels that originally came on AMG cars is the case in point, and these wheels have a high "cool" factor. Going too far, for example, a wheel with very thin spokes look out of place in a 15 to 20 year old Mercedes E-Class.

You'll see many dealers advertising their wheels on the net, and some also in MBWorld. MBWord talks about a selection of wheels that fit Mercedes, while has a great selection of AMG styled wheels, which are specifically made for Mercedes. They may lack the AMG logo on the wheels, but the difference in price is tremendous. Recommended for its appearance.

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Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

DIY Cost – $500+

Professional Cost – $1,500-$3,500

Skill Level – Moderate; this requires the removal of the whole exhaust system.

The cat-back exhaust system is about the lowest aftermarket exhaust system. Its pluses are a neat dual exhaust look along with a louder exhaust note. Generally, you'll find horsepower increases. If you're looking for a slight performance upgrade and a big sound upgrade, this is for you. It has also been known to reduce the fuel economy, especially on the freeway. Recommended for its sound and horsepower increase.

Header Exhaust Systems

DIY Cost– $1,350+

Professional Cost – $1,000+

Skill Level – Hard

Short of supercharging or turbochaging, installing a set of headers is the way to go. You'll find that long tube headers outperform shorty type headers. Installation can be difficult. has a great selection of headers. There, you will find all the important header manufacturers from Kleemann to Renntech. Pricing starts at $795 to over $8,200., on the other hand, has several exhaust system kits starting at $4,435. Recommended for its performance.

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