Mercedes-Benz E-Class and E-Class AMG: Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins

If your E-Class is recalled, you'll need to take the following steps to ensure your vehicle is serviced sufficiently and as quickly as possible.

By Charlie Gaston - May 4, 2015

This article applies to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and E-Class AMG (2002-2009).

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class line of luxury sedans leads the industry in safety and performance. Manufactured to keep drivers safe during a collision, the E-Class features several cutting-edge safety technologies, which have earned Mercedes-Benz a number of leading safety awards and accolades for design, innovation and performance. For the latest in recalls and technical service bulletins for the E-Class, read on.

Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for the E-Class by Model Year

  • At 21, 27 and 21, respectively, model years 2003-2005 have received the greatest number of TSBs for the E-Class. With just four technical service bulletins each, model years 2002 and 2007 have experienced the fewest number of TSBs for the E-Class.
  • The most common TSBs were related to the electrical system. For example, in 2006, there were six TSBs related to the electrical system. The components in question were the alternator, generator, and regulator. The service breaks were also frequently problematic for the 2006 model year.
  • The 2005 model year saw three TSBs for the electrical system go out. Problematic components across the entire model year included faulty brakes, a faulty power train, malfunctioning lights, and a bad fuel system.
  • The same components appear on TSBs for 2006, including a few more.
  • By 2008, the number of TSBs issued dropped dramatically, with only three TSBs going out for the model year. Faulty components included malfunctioning air bags, problems with overheating, and a defective shock absorber.
Model Year
# of TSBs
2009 E-Class 9
2008 E-Class 6
2007 E-Class 4
2006 E-Class 7
2005 E-Class 21
2004 E-Class 27
2003 E-Class 21
2002 E-Class 4

Recalls for the E-Class by Model Year

  • In 2007, there were two recalls for a faulty electrical fuel pump.
  • In 2006, there was one recall for a faulty electrical fuel pump.
  • In 2005, there were three recalls for bad service brakes and a faulty fuel pump.
  • In 2004, there were recalls for problematic seat belts, service brakes and the electrical system.
  • In 2003, there were four recalls for faulty service breaks, a loose steering wheel, malfunctioning brakes (when combined with high mileage and poor maintenance) and defective fuel pump.
Model Year
# of Recalls
2002 E-Class
2003 E-Class
2004 E-Class
2005 E-Class
2006 E-Class
2007 E-Class
2008 E-Class
2009 E-Class

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I determine if my E-Class is involved in a recall?

Mercedes-Benz provides up-to-date recall information on its website. Recall listings are specific to the individual vehicles involved in a recall. To speak to a Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistant, dial 1-800-367-6372.

Do I need to know my vehicle identification number (VIN)?

Yes! Mercedes-Benz's recall listings are based on your VIN, which consists of 17 numbers and letters, ensuring recall information is specific to your vehicle, accurate and up-to-date. Find your VIN on the dashboard of the driver side of your vehicle.

Are there any out-of-pocket costs associated with a recall?

No! There are absolutely zero out-of-pocket costs associated with the repair of a component named in a Mercedes-Benz recall. However, you must contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer to verify that your vehicle is, in fact, included in the recall. Provide your VIN number to set up a service appointment. Your dealer will explain which parts will be replaced and why. If you have any further problems after the repair is complete, simply contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer. You can also contact the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance toll-free telephone number (mentioned above) to obtain help with a recall, as well.

Common Issues

Electrical System

Some of the most common TSBs for the E-Class are problems related to the vehicle's electrical system. If you are experiencing problems with your locks, power seat controllers, interior or exterior lights, or battery, the culprit could be a faulty electrical system. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz service center. In 2008, 2003 to 2008 model year E-Class vehicles were recalled for a number of problems related to the electrical system.

The E63 AMG Jerks During Idle and Acceleration

This could be an engine or transmission issue. Check whether your vehicle has been recalled. If is hasn't, visit a local Mercedes-Benz dealership to have your vehicle serviced.

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