Mercedes-Benz: How to Detail Your Car

Do you know which car detailing products on the market today deliver the most shine and protection for your Mercedes-Benz? Continue reading, and find out the best insider tips on detailing your vehicle like a pro with the help of this article.

By Charlie Gaston - May 7, 2015

This article applies to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class w204, w205 (2007-Present), and E-Class w211, w212 (2002-Present).

Before you attempt to detail your Mercedes-Benz C-Class like one of the professionals, there are a few things you might want to consider. For instance, is it possible for you to achieve the same results in less time and at a lower expense than experienced detailers? For all DIY-ers, the answer is yes. You can find affordable high-quality products that deliver the best shine and professional-grade look. However, many of these products are only as good as your ability to properly use them. So for those of you who have yet to detail a luxury vehicle, follow the directions below.

Materials Needed

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Formula 1 or Meguiar's shampoo
  • Clay bar and lubricant
  • Bucket and water
  • High-quality car polish
  • Optimum Car Wax or Durogloss Aquawax

Step 1 – Wash your car

  • Begin washing your car from the top, and continue to the rear as well as front ends.
  • Make sure to clean all surfaces from dirt, debris, and old wax.
  • Also, make sure to wash the wheels last.
  • Rinse the car with water, and repeat the wash as needed.
  • After the final rinse, do not dry your car just yet.
Figure 1. Thoroughly wash all surfaces (twice if necessary).

Pro Tip

It is recommended using Formula 1's Wash and Wax or Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash and Conditioner. Both of these high-quality auto care brands are popular among detailing professionals, and each product is specifically manufactured to eliminate dirt, grime, as well as old wax while conditioning your paint.

Step 2 – Clay bar your vehicle

Using a clay bar will eliminate contaminants, and provide a smooth finish to your car's paint. It is only necessary to clay bar your vehicle twice per year. While your vehicle is still wet, run your fingers along the surface of the paint. If you feel bumps or unevenness from dirt or other contaminants, clay bar your vehicle. If you do not need to clay bar your vehicle, dry it and proceed to Step 3.

  • To do so, apply lubricant to a section of the paint. Glide the clay bar back and forth over the surface. Do not apply too much pressure.
  • Clay bar your vehicle one section at a time.
Figure 2. Approximate amount of clay needed.

Step 3 – Polish the paint

  • Wipe the polish in small, circular motions with a clean microfiber cloth. Overlap your strokes to ensure you cover the entire area.
  • Allow the polish to settle for at least ten minutes.
  • Before it completely dries, lightly wipe off the polish using a clean microfiber cloth.

Pro Tip

It is recommended polishing your vehicle's paint with Zaino's Show Car Polish and custom polish applicator. This product is specially formulated for clear coat car finishes, and will greatly bring out the paint job on your C-Class.

Step 4 – Wax your vehicle

  • Wax your vehicle the same way as in the previous step.
  • Apply and wipe the wax one section at a time.
  • Allow the wax to settle for at least ten minutes.
  • Lastly, wipe away any remaining residue with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Remember to wax your vehicle at least every three months.
Figure 3. Protect your vehicle's finish with a premier polish and wax.

Pro Tip

The top picks of car wax brands include Optimum Car Wax and Durogloss Aquawax.

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