6 Reasons Why You Should've Bought Your Mom a Mercedes-Benz for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is supposed to be a celebration used to honor motherhood. It's unique, in that, many cultures around the world have their own variations of the holiday. Ethiopian culture take part in Antrosht, which lasts several days, while Thailand uses the current queens birthday as its celebratory period. At its core, its a platform that motivates us to shower our mother’s with the attention they more than deserve. So instead of the same cheesy card or boring necklace that you bounced back and forth between over the years, why don’t you spoil her with some a bit more exciting? Here are six reasons why you should splurge on a Mercedes-Benz to make up for a subpar Mother's Day. After all, she's the woman who gave you life.

By Neftali Medina - May 16, 2017