2009 Mercedes-Benz C300 vs. 2009 Audi A4

The battle to choose a luxury sedan can be hard, dealing with two marquee makes and a slew of models. Luxury and tradition often go hand in hand, an agreement that has allowed Mercedes Benz and BMW to remain at the forefront of the luxury market. The latest offerings from Audi have worked on that […] More »

  Comments | By - March 5, 2009

2009 Mercedes-Benz C350 vs. 2009 BMW 328

The entry-level luxury car was first launched in the 1970’s; little amazement that it was introduced by German manufacturers. The BMW 3 Series, 35 years old now, is the make’s most popular car by a long way with customers, accounting for almost 40% of the company’s sales in recent years. The BMW 328 has been […] More »

  Comments | By - March 4, 2009

2009 Mercedes-Benz C350 vs. 2009 BMW 335

The battle between the 2009 Mercedes Benz C 350 and the 2009 BMW 335 i is one of class front-runners. Each represents an entry-level luxury car that can get around at pace while catering to your space requirements.  Pricing and a difference of opinions will probably be all you need in choosing between these “quality-twins”.

  Comments | By - February 25, 2009

2009 Mercedes-Benz C 300 vs. 2009 BMW 335 i

The 2009 Mercedes Benz C300 and 2009 BMW 335i exude luxury, comfort, power, speed, and reputation. There are many issues to consider when buying the right entry-level luxury car. All of the above enter into the equation with the important addition of price. It is worth writing them all down and putting them in order […] More »

  Comments | By - February 20, 2009

2009 Mercedes-Benz C 300 vs. 2009 BMW 328

The Mercedes Benz C Class, BMW 3 series, and Audi A4 are often considered the best entry-level luxury sedans; your decision on which one to buy will lean heavily on which one fits your priorities best. The 2009 Mercedes-Benz C300 and 2009 BMW 328 are similar in many ways, but it is their differences that will […] More »

  Comments | By - February 10, 2009

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