Mercedes-Benz E-Class History (Part 4): W211

The W211 Series The Mercedes-Benz began production of the W211 Series, the latest E-Class, in 2002 and continues until the 2009 Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland in March of 2009 when the successor, the W 212 Series, is expected to launch. The W211 was produced on the automotive premises of its predecessor, the […] More »

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Mercedes Benz History

In 1886 Karl Benz introduced the very first automobile named the Benz Patent Motor Car. The Benz car sported three-wheels and weighed about 200 lbs. The single-cylinder four-stroke engine produced 2/3 hp at 250 rpm and is considered by most to be the worlds first car. A few months later Gottlieb Daimler unveiled a four-wheeled […] More »

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History of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Almost a century after introducing its first car, the world-renowned prestigious automakers Mercedes-Benz, debuted its first C-Class car, the 190. The car was universally referred to as the “compact class,” but was not officially named the C-Class until 1993 with the introduction of the second C-Class cars. The main differences between the C-Class and its […] More »

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Mercedes-Benz GLK Special Feature: 4MATIC Technology Explained

The 4MATIC drive system in the GLK is among the most powerful all-wheel-drive systems there is; its control systems break new ground. Advantages over other systems with a transversely installed drive unit are achieved thanks to the basic compact, light and friction-loss-optimised design with its longitudinally positioned engine and integrated main and transfer case. Fuel […] More »

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