Early next year, Mercedes-Benz will lift more than just the face of its third-generation M-Class SUV. It will also lift off the “ML” badge and replace it with one that reads “GLE.”

If this thing had racing gauges and an exterior devoid of CLK elements, I would care about it less than Wile E. Coyote cares about The Road Runner’s well-being.

Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz: a rivalry that triggered the age of titans.

The S-Class previews mainstream car technology of ten years in the future. Speaking to Auto Express, Mercedes chief interior designer, Jan Kaul spoke about the next S-Class and what the car’s technology will entail. Hint: you won’t need buttons.

There once was a time when just about every automaker had a station wagon or two that they made. Those days are gone. Luckily, Mercedes and a few other automakers are saving the day.