Some hapless Mercedes owner not only lost his or her rims and tires to thieves, but his or her entire C63 AMG coupe to a wrecker. See the horror on the MBWorld blog after the jump.

The color, pattern and material combos in these C-Class interior images really transport me. One look and I’m whisked away to a mythical dream land where roads are paved in licorice, buildings are made of graham crackers, and all clouds are cotton candy.

If you drive a big ‘ol Mercedes, you should be able to drive it however the hell you like, especially during a lovely jaunt in the country. Alas, a man’s peace at the wheel can be greatly affected by one terrible thing: Tailgaters. That is one thing we, and Robert Loggia, “cannot tolerate.”

17 Dec 2014

This, as you may or may not have guessed, is a classic Mercedes 300SL. And we can forgive you if you didn’t immediately recognize it, since this has to be one of the worst examples of a 300SL ever.

In just nine years, Mercedes-Benz has produced 500,000 cars in its new Chinese factory. This is both a testament to Mercedes, and a view into the future of the Chinese automotive market.