I’ve watched a lot of these DragTimes racing videos and this one is the closest race that I’ve seen. Easily. A mile is a long ways to race, but they’re neck an neck the whole way though. Unlike most of these races, the cars here are stock, so this is a solid straight-line speed comparison […]

There are certain aftermarket companies that are known for their lack of restraint. After all, if you’re going to completely tear down a vehicle to customize it, why be subtle? Go big or go home. ICON, a Los-Angeles-based builder, did neither when it got its hands on a new Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG. It went to its fabrication shop, and then it tastefully dressed up the right-angled rig.

Just follow these two simple steps, and then you can boast to all your friends that you are cooler than they are.

The SLS isn’t long for this world and Mercedes isn’t keen on leaving that space in their lineup on for long. Instead of building another large, long super car like the SLS AMG though, Mercedes have been building a new car for people who want to go fast and spend significantly less. Spy shots of […]

We’ve caught the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG for the first time undergoing some handling tests in southern Europe. The car is camouflaged at the front only, despite the fact that a refresh is underway that is as big as the one for the E-Class about a year ago.