So, you thought that concept yesterday was just a dream? A glimmer in the wistful eyes of Mercedes? Not so! Mercedes’ plan to scour all meaning from the word coupe continues with the latest spy shots of their Concept Coupe SUV. You might also know it as the MLC. The sloping roof line, high-waist, and […]

Mercedes broke new ground several years ago by introducing the CLS-Class four-door coupe. The company’s German competitors responded with the 6 Series Gran Coupe and the A7. BMW then couped-up the traditional sport utility vehicle with its X6 and X4 models. They probably won’t be alone for long, though. The house of the three-pointed star […]

Remind me to never watch the clip below in my car. Doing so will only make it jealous and me sick at the thought of how much cooler the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG is than my daily driver. I have a small sedan, but it’s not nearly as attractive or as fast as the German pint-size […]

A Mercedes-Benz CLS is an impressive knee-length evening dress on four wheels, but when those four wheels are made by Vossen, suddenly the formal wear falls to the floor, making the room feel eight to 12 degrees warmer. If your computer desktop needs a thermal boost, click on the image past the jump for a logo-free version of this week’s Wednesday wallpaper … just make sure you prevent yourself from spontaneously combusting due to all the extra body heat this digital eye candy can provoke.

There’s so much wrong happening here. Why are they drag racing on a street where there’re clearly people? Why is the ML63 AMG losing? Why is the BMW wrapped in bright blue foil?  Why did he turn? It’s one thing if there was an external factor… but there isn’t. There’s only bad decisions, a broken Mercedes-benz, and […]