S-Class Muffler Delete Is a Downright Neck-Breaker


Thanks to a muffler delete, MBWorld member PhazonPhoe’s 2003 Mercedes-Benz S600 is “not too loud to draw attention from cops, but just loud enough to break necks.”

  Comments | By - February 10, 2016

Watch Russian Elitists Crash Their Mercedes G-Wagens


You’d think that driving a $100,000-plus Mercedes G-Class Wagen would make people more careful, no?

  Comments | By - February 10, 2016

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Photos of the Week


To no one’s surprise, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class looks pretty great next to sand, clouds, snow, forests, tire marks, or palms.

  Comments | By - February 9, 2016

MB World Members Visit Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Preparation Center


Many of MB World’s loyal members gathered at the Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Preparation Center in Long Beach, California for a behind-the-scenes tour of the massive and important facility.

  Comments | By - February 9, 2016

Yes, That’s a Solid Mercedes-Benz Door to the Face


Have you ever been run over, and then smacked in the face by your own Mercedes-Benz?

  Comments | By - February 8, 2016

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