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A bunch of us in the Texas Auto Writers Association recently got together in Dallas to drive three models from Mercedes-Benz, as well as dozens of other vehicles, during the TAWA’s 2015 Auto Roundup.


Heres a simple lesson for all you would-be car thieves. Stealing a Mercedes is harder than it looks.

02 Mar 2015


Sweet jumping jahosafats, a drag race between a Mercedes C63 AMG and an E55 AMG! The heck, you say? Well that’s exactly what we have here for you today.

e63 vs huracan

Lamborghini’s new Huracan is a fire-breathing beast, but can she keep up with a grocery getting Mercedes E63 AMG?


A tuned Mercedes E55 AMG takes on a Mitsubishi Evo X FQ-400, Europe’s more powerful Evo, the one we never got in the States, the one that likes to eat Lamborghini’s for lunch.


This drag race, pitting a tuned Nissan 300ZX against a tuned E55 AMG, is just another reason we’re falling deeply in love with the E55 AMG.


At first, I was looking for something with a GM V8…until a buddy of mine pulled up in his CLK55 AMG. After a ride in that, I knew what I had to look for: an AMG. Right now, I’m still looking, but the following video caught my eye, or rather, my ear.


If you don’t understand why we all need a super-tuned E55 AMG, this video is required watching.


Speaking at this year’s NAIAS in Detroit, Mercedes North American CEO, Steve Cannon, stated that the Maybach nameplate could be put onto an E-Class in the near future.


There is fast, and then there is “Holy Space Balls I’m Moving Entirely Too Fast for My Mind to Conceive” fast. Or in other words: going plaid. This Weistec E63S is definitely the latter.