Mercedes-Benz E300 BlueTec Hybrid Africa to UK

A standard E300 BlueTec Hybrid Mercedes, fitted with the optional 21-gallon fuel tank traversed from Tangier in Morocco to the U.K. at Goodwood on a single tank of fuel.

10-Second 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 4MATIC

Fast sedans wearing the letters AMG are nothing new, but this 10-Second E63 is just redonkulous. Yes, that’s a technical term.

Burnt E55 AMG

Poor, unfortunate “pugads650″. He took his E55 to a garage for “a new supercharger bearing belt and miss fire [sic] issue.” It was misfiring, all right – starting in the passenger-side footwell.

E55 AMG Beats Mustang Slider

This happens every time I watch a Mercedes-Benz race a Mustang. The Mercedes says goodbye to the starting line like a player leaving the scene of a one-night stand. The Mustang leaves the starting line screaming and protesting like someone being arrested on an episode of “Cops”.

e55brada11 featured

I’ve always pictured the devil as a fiery-red character with horns, tail, and a cape – but now, he’s silver, has a V8, and a set of beautiful custom wheels.

Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG Featured

I’ve heard that women are attracted to power. The stock Gallardo Spyder in this video must have a lady’s name because it wants to take its top off when Shardul’s modded 2003 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG flexes its engine’s muscles.

Down Two Benzes, Up One Ferrari Slider

Photographically speaking, these are 21 apple pies with about a metric ton of brown sugar on top of each one. The owner and photographer, Ronnie Renaldi, certainly knows how to make his E55 and SL55 AMG the apples of your eyes. Okay, okay, even on a Mercedes forum I think it’s safe to say he does just as good of a job for his Ferrari F430.

Tad Orlowski E-Class Featured

If last week’s photos of the week were about pure badassery and brute force, then this week’s turns them on their head. This set of shots includes a very elegant, peaceful, almost serene looking E-Class Coupe belonging to member “Car_Guy” … outside of the forums, he’s called Tad Orlowski.

Brabus 850 E-Class Slider

Brabus is like that father you see in movies that is never satisfied with with his son’s accomplishments. Mercedes-Benz plays the part of the hapless adopted child. “Look! I made the new E63 AMG. It cranks out 550 horsepower in regular trim and 577 in S-Model spec.” Without looking up from its newspaper, Brabus responds with, “Heh, it could make more.”

Mercedes-Benz 300CE 6.0 AMG (C124) Featured

The 1986 Mercedes-Benz 300CE 6.0 AMG, better known as the AMG Hammer, is proof that you should never encourage Mercedes-Benz or AMG to enter a gun battle … because if you do, you will end up with the atomic bomb you see above. On second thought, crank up the encouragement.