The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Comes to the United States

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First introduced to the United States in June 2010, the smart fortwo
electric drive marks a natural evolution of the smart brand and
amplifies its environmental leadership. With an unparalleled
eco-heritage, smart developed the electric drive as the next logical
extension of the fortwo platform, which continues to be a trendsetter in
addressing issues facing urban mobility and conservation.

The smart fortwo electric drive is a zero-emission visual statement
on the ultimate conservation of materials and further defines the
independent spirit of smart. Based off of the iconic smart fortwo, which
has the smallest footprint of any vehicle on U.S. roads, the smart
fortwo electric drive is the purist’s play in transportation
electrification. The vehicle enters the U.S. market at an ideal time as
the United States sets policy goals on CO2 reduction and independence
from oil-based fuels.

Beginning in the fall 2010, smart USA is strategically deploying a
test fleet of 250 model year 2011 vehicles, equipped with second
generation electric drive technology, across the United States. Vehicle
placement is nationwide, with an emphasis key on electrification
leadership regions and Department of Energy grant areas to ensure ample
vehicle charging locations. A majority of smart USA dealers have signed
on to the program for showcasing electric drive technology to customers
in their communities.

The phase-two vehicles are targeted to early adopters of electric
drive technology who are helping define new alternatives in
transportation for the United States and interested in making a
passionate statement on conservation and environmental awareness.
Branded “Team 250,” placements include companies, municipalities,
organizations and individuals committed to a four year/40,000 mile
lease. The “Team 250” is an elite club that has direct access to the
smart USA team, receives electric drive communications, has the ability
to participate in exclusive dialogue regarding their electric drive
ownership experience and is invited to special events and forums.

start at $599/month for a standard coupe and $649/month for a standard
cabriolet plus security deposit and additional available options, not
including tax, title, license and dealer fees. This lease price factors
in the $7,500 federal subsidy for electric vehicles, but does not
include state and local municipal subsidies which, when available, can
lower the lease price when added in. Leases include a limited warranty
for four years or 40,000 miles, the duration of the lease.

Ecology is a hallmark of the smart fortwo, from the environmentally
friendly manufacturing process in Hambach, France, to the recyclability
of 95 percent of the vehicle’s parts. Additionally, the vehicle’s
diminutive size translates to less material consumption in its
production and a practical vehicle concept for low cost commuting and
other urban travel.

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