2012 C-Class Shows Off Nokia’s In-Car Terminal Mode

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CClass TerminalMode 597x429 2012 C Class Shows Off Nokia's In Car Terminal Mode

As smartphones get smarter, the next thing automakers and mobile phone manufacturers want is in-car phone integration. For Nokia, that lies in its Terminal Mode technology that is being implemented in a number of vehicles made by Nokia’s partners–including Mercedes-Benz, which will feature Terminal Mode smartphone integration on the 2012 C-Class compact executive sedan line.

The upcoming C-Class has something called the COMAND infotainment
system, which offers a full-blown internet experience through Terminal
Mode. The Nokia mobile technology allows the smartphone to transmit data
to the car, which means drivers and passengers have access to a lot of
fun things such as surfing via the dashboard, use of Google Maps and
media streaming via Bluetooth.

Nokia is touting Terminal Mode to be an industry standard across a
whole range of platforms, so you won’t really need to have a Nokia
smartphone to take advantage of the technology. Of course, until other
platforms like Android and the popular iOS join the fray, you’ll only be
able to integrate Nokia smartphones.

Terminal Mode will be available through a range of aftermarket
accessories starting in 2011, while in-car systems like the one in the
upcoming C-Class will be available in vehicles sometime later.

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