Can a 615 Horsepower RennTech SL55 Convert a Corvette Guy?

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Mercedes-Benz is known worldwide for its wild fire-breathing AMGs. What happens when aftermarket tuner RennTech gets their hands on a SL55?

We all have car brands that we are comfortable with and favor. The familiarity of a brand can be enough to hook you for life. We crave a certain kind of power and handling. While there are many other experiences to be had with other cars, what does it take to get you to stray? One Corvette owner found a new love in a RennTech-tuned Mercedes-Benz SL55 and he is not looking back.

RennTech SL55 AMG

In this video, Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire talks with Michael, the owner of a Mercedes-Benz SL55. Previously, Michael was a diehard Corvette guy. So, what is so special about this Mercedes-Benz? For starters, it is a RennTech Stage 6 that put out 615 hp. The 2004 SL55 came stock with 493 hp. This particular SL55 with the RennTech power package is super rare. Only fitting, as the original owner happens to be Ray Durham, a former Major League Baseball second baseman for the San Francisco Giants. So it should be no surprise that Michael says the entire RennTech build was over $200,000. This figure does not include the car. Durham spent 1% of his contract signing to make his SL55 super fast.

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In the video, Matt expresses how it is an old school, muscle car of a Mercedes. He gets on SL55 for some tunnel music of the aftermarket exhaust and the V8’e echoing growl doesn’t disappoint. Matt’s only has two qualms about the car: The gearbox is a little slow, and the RennTech hood leaves an impression of Beavis’s nose in your head. So, he gently suggests the RennTech might do better with a nose job.

Check out the video and leave your comments below. What do you think of this SL55 and its RennTech power?

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