Baby CLS Expected In 2014

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Recognizing that moving downmarket is an essential part of profitability nowadays, Mercedes has followed the lead of its German rivals BMW and Audi by drawing up plans to come out with a baby CLS by 2014.

Dubbed the BLS, the car has been the subject of rumor mills for
months now and details are certainly not forthcoming from the
manufacturer. Reportedly drawing features from the CLS and the F800
concept car, the BLS is expected to differ substantially from the
styling of it luxury sedan brothers to appeal to the younger set.
Although rumored to be front-wheel drive, that is not a sure thing but
probably a logical conclusion given that the car will be using the MFA

Subject to conjecture at this point too are the powertrain options,
but a 200 horsepower gasoline engine and a 170 horsepower diesel are
likely options. Outsourced powerplants are also a possibility, given
that Mercedes has an alliance with Renault and the French automaker
certainly does have a range of small engines that can be fitted to the

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