LED daytime running lights for the new E-Class sedan

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2011leddl 597x330 LED daytime running lights for the new E Class sedan
Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles have been using Lumiled daytime running lights beginning with the 2010 model year. The design for these DRLs were horizontal with a kink on one end, described as resembling a hockey stick in various forums. For the incoming model year, Mercedes-Benz has reverted to a straight horizontal daytime running light design.

2010leddl 597x447 LED daytime running lights for the new E Class sedan

A retrofit kit is being offered at the same time to owners of
previous editions of the E-class sedans and T-variants who want to
convert their “hockey stick” daytime running lights to the new straight
horizontal design. This conversion service is to be offered by
Mercedes-Benz dealers to owners who want their daytime running lights
converted from the angled design to the straight design.

The kit contains all necessary components for conversion to the
straight LED daytime running lights, including the chrome trim. The
conversion kit is part number A212 906 0151 and costs € 385.00 or around

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