The Future of Mercedes-Benz Design

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Let’s take a peek at what’s in store for Mercedes-Benz, shall we? The image you see above is the company’s way of stating what the next stage of their design is going to be. The art sculpture, made entirely of resin, was inspired heavily by Mother Nature, as well as the art deco style back in the 1930s.

You’re all very familiar with the way cars nowadays, not only Mercedes-Benz, are styled in a sort of forward-leaning wedge shape. Looking at the sculpture, it seems the company is leaving the edgy path and headed into a more smooth, natural design language.

When interviewed about the art sculpture, Mercedes-Benz Design Chief
Gorden Wagener gives an example of a car that bears the kind of looks
his design studio is after–the 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Autobanhnkurier.
Even the downward sloping cut of the design reminds you of the 1930s
where wide rolling fenders were the trend.

If you think about, Mercedes-Benz was trying to state their intention
in its purest sense, and that’s why they decided to use an art
sculpture to express what they have in mind. Kind of cool, don’t you
think? No concept cars, just the design to speak for itself.

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