Aston Martin To Build Maybachs?

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2011 maybach 62s Aston Martin To Build Maybachs?
Rumors are circulating that Aston Martin may build Maybachs for Daimler AG. The possible partnership between the two luxury car makers would have Aston Martin contribute to the design of the ultra-luxury sedan currently being offered by Daimler AG. As part of the potential agreement, Aston Martin may be allowed access and use of engine technology from Daimler. The ailing Maybach brand would benefit from the partnership with Aston Martin, who could give a cheaper solution for Daimler. Options are still being evaluated and no decision is immediately forthcoming, says Daimler about the rumored partnership.

Although Aston Martin has made no comment, Daimler says that “there
is no cooperation deal with Aston Martin. We are often in talks about
various topics, such as the donation of technology for the Lagonda show
car”. If the rumors prove to be true, Aston Martin could benefit from
Daimler’s four-wheel-drive technology, as Daimler gave Aston Martin the
drivetrain technology of a Mercedes GL to help Aston Martin build a
Lagonda concept car, which the company displayed at the Geneva auto show
in 2009. Since being sold by Ford in 2007, Aston Martin has been
looking for cooperative deals with other manufacturers.

It would be interesting to see how traditional Mercedes and Maybach
customers would react to such an agreement. Aston build quality is very
good but one of the reasons Maybach customers buy such cars is because
they are built by Mercedes. Daimler’s low-volume Maybach has to assure
customers that the build quality their cars are famous for is maintained
even with cross-company deals, such as the one rumored with Aston

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