Beautiful Barn Find 300SL: the Answer to Grecian Debt Woes?

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barn find 1960 mercedes benz 300 sl roadster sells for 405000 39597 1 597x332 Barn Find 300SL Sells For 405,000 Euros

As an iconic and desirable car, the 300 SL knows few equals. So it would seem unbelievable that an example would sit untouched and unloved for almost forty years without anyone noticing its provenance.  But in Greece, a 1960 300 SL has been found in such a state. Apparently, its last owner had died in 1974 without any heirs to his name, and so the car passed on to the hands of the local municipality where no one gave the car much thought until now.

Auctioned off in Piraeus, Greece, this 1960 300 SL has fetched the
tidy sum of 405,000 Euros, which in U.S. dollar terms is a little more
than 560,000. The condition of the car is actually decent for one that
has not had any TLC for almost four decades, and people who have looked
it over say that it doesn’t need much work to restore it to its former

Should more Grecian municipalities start combing the barns and garages around town? Shout off in the forums!

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