C63 AMG Black Series or a 800 hp Weistec Tuned C63?

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800bhp Weistec Supercharged C63

When new, the C63 AMG Black Series was one of the loudest cars that you could have bought directly from the factory. It’s 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 motor is the stuff of legend, and it still remains my wife’s favorite car. If she could trade me in for one, she might.

If there were some people that thought the exhaust from the C63 AMG Black Series was a bit quiet, these people were probably already deaf from the car’s stock exhaust. With that said, modifications still take place. Below we have one of these modified C63 AMG Black Series, filmed while driving down a street in Cannes that’s just bristling with hot rides. The C63’s noise is deafening in the best way possible. The sounds this car makes recall racecars having sex.

As awesome as that sounds, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the video below too. Here we have another modified C63, this time with a Weistec Supercharger that makes over 800 horsepower. If you thought the first C63 AMG Black Series was nasty, get a load of this Weistec tuned one.

So? Which C63 wins this rev off?

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