CFC-Sundern’s S65 AMG

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There are many ways to skin a cat, but there are many more ways to customize your car. Mercedes isn’t any different, and their legendary performance and trend-setting styling draws tuners like bees to a flower. The result, though, isn’t always as pretty as they’d hope. Such is the case for CFC Sundern’s S65 AMG.

The kit is purely a styling exercise, meaning there’s no corresponding performance upgrades to back up the S65 AMG’s new look. Considering the V12 AMG mill puts out 600 hp already, it makes sense that they didn’t feel the need to add more.

Instead, you get a pair of white wheels that look like they were styled after basketballs and dipped in white out. They’re flashy. What’s worse, is that the already fat rear fender doesn’t even cover the tire! That’s just bad fitment. If you wanted, you could stretch the tires a bit, lower it, and call it HellaFlush. That would be better than the current stance.

The rest of the car just seems… pieced together. The rear and front bumper are actually fine, if not a little bit tame, but they just had to plaster the car with stickers everywhere. Certainly when you’re out whooping tail on the street, broken and defeated opponents will wonder what they were just whooped by. Then stickers would help. But there are no parts on this car, because this is just a body kit. 

With scissor doors. 

Maybe we’re just offended. The S-Class is a essentially the standard for a sleeper car. It’s elegant, and when it does get attention, it has the brute force to leave lesser cars in the dust. Both the elegance and the benefit of surprise are lost with this kit, in exchange for attention.

Does it ruin the car? Not by a long shot, but we’d prefer ours in black.

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