Custom Mercedes E320 Pickup For Sale

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Mercedes Benz E320 Pickup

This isn’t a factory Mercedes pickup, but it’s pretty close. 

A few months ago, we saw a Saturn SL2 that had been “modified” into a pickup of sorts. It was a “look at what I did with the Sawzall” sort of build. The redneck version of a Subaru Brat. This Mercedes is about as far from the Sawzall Saturn as it’s going to get.

A company called Binz, a coachbuilder that makes limousine and ambulance versions of Mercedes-Benz models, is responsible. If you peruse their current offerings, they’re both pricey and well-built. Go back a few years, and they built this 2000 Mercedes-Benz E320. The fine people over at spotted this one on eBay.

This would be a heckuva buy even without the pickup conversion. It’s a one-owner, 20,990 mile E320 with a few choice options, including AMG wheels – it’s just too bad they’re not the three-piece ones. Binz replaced the rear bench with a set of front seats. Between those thrones is a mini-fridge. Because after a certain point, why not?

Mercedes Benz E320 Pickup

If you look closely, the pickup bed appears to have some parts from an E-Class wagon. The lower part of the hatch is the tailgate and the rear hatch glass serves as a rear window.

Mercedes Benz E320 Pickup

The bed gets a rugged diamond plate floor and what looks like a plastic bed liner. Though not immediately apparent, the bed also has LED lights in the bed rails.

Mercedes Benz E320 Pickup

So, what’s something like this worth? The ad mentions that “Over $49,000 alone spent on the conversion in 2000.” Since this is a 2000 model, Binz converted this E320 right after it rolled off the assembly line. What’s clear is that the owner thinks it’s worth more than $12,332. The eBay listing got 21 bids and failed to meet the reserve price, so you may still have a chance to score a Mercedes pickup.

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