Daimler Investing Millions for Hydrogen Stations

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Hydrogen vehicle Daimler Investing Millions for Hydrogen Stations

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Following the conclusion of F-Cell World Drive, Mercedes-Benz/Daimler confirmed that it is taking its partnership with The Linde Group to the next level as they build hydrogen fuel cell stations

Daimler will invest heavily on putting up F-Cell fueling stations.
Reuters reported that the company has plans to invest millions of Euros
for this project, which will be seen first in cities of Germany.

Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz said “With the F-CELL World
Drive we have shown, that the time for electric vehicles with fuel cell
has come. Now the development of the infrastructure has to pick up
speed,” adding that, “”For only an adequate number of hydrogen fueling
stations enables car drivers to benefit from the advantages of this
technology: high range, short refueling times, zero emissions.”

Aside from Linde Group, who is already the fueling partner of F-Cell
World Drive, other companies joining this initiative are EnBW, the
French company Total and OMV, the oil giant. All of them will take part
in having fuel stations to be set-up all over the world.

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