F-Cell World Drive Completes 30,000 Km Journey

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Mercedes in Stuttgart welcomed its two globe-trotting B-Class F-Cell vehicles after the pair’s successful 30,000 km journey. A trio of B-Class F-Cell cars initially set off from the European continent but an accident last May resulted in one vehicle being left by the wayside. The drive went through four continents and 14 countries, and with this accomplishment, the German manufacturer has proven that hydrogen-fueled cars are as viable and reliable as other types of cars, and not just electric cars.

What proved to be lacking was the infrastructure for hydrogen-fueled
cars. Even Mercedes admits that this deficit will need to be addressed
before hydrogen cars become a viable means of alternative-fueled
transportation. Unfortunately for hydrogen powered cars, EV charging is
the focus of much of the infrastructure development for green cars, so
it is evident that Mercedes will have to forge alliances worldwide to
put up a competing system.

Remarks Mercedes-Benz head Dieter Zetsche, “With the F-CELL World
Drive, we have shown that the time for electric vehicles with fuel cell
has come. Now the development of the infrastructure has to pick up

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