F125 Concept Uses Hydrogen Power to Get 620 Mile Range

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Mercedes is really serious about further developing its F-Cell technology, as evidenced by a concept car it very quietly developed in time for the 2011 Frankfurt Show. Called the F125, it features gullwing doors like the SLS supercar and is powered by a hydrogen cell. Like the electric SLS, it’s got four electric motors behind the wheels with a total output in the region of 230 horsepower.

As with all electric-motor driven cars, full torque is immediately
available, so this car can hit 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. With its
hydrogen fuel cell, range is 620 miles and in case you run out before
getting to currently scarce hydrogen refueling stations, you can go 30
more miles on the battery reserve.

There’s no word, official or otherwise, on what the F125 represents
in the production line, but it would be safe to say that some design
cues will make it to future Mercedes vehicles that we’ll see on the

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