Hooniverse Introduces Its 1974 Mercedes 280 Project Car

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“The Benz” gets a Hooniverse-style meet-and-greet, plus new headlights.

Hooniverse executive editor Jeff Glucker has a thing for Mercedes, and now he has another one. We’re assured that he still has The Wombat, his 300TD Wagon that was in the process of receiving a HEMI. However, he’s now added to his stable this 1974 Mercedes 280.

Glucker said the M110 dual-overhead-cam straight six runs perfectly while introducing this new project, simply called “The Benz.” And what better name could you have for a regal German cruiser than The Benz? This is simply a car that should have always been called “The Benz.”

“Richard, could you please fetch The Benz?”

“We can take The Benz to Jarvis’ soccer practice. It has adequate room.”

Yeah, it includes some warts, like a few dents, and seats with some wear underneath the exterior. The W114 comes with some braking and fuel issues, as well, that we’ll share in subsequent videos. However, Jeff talks us through and shows us some of the finer points of the Nixon-era German cruiser in the introduction above.

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I did a thing… #MercedesBenz #W114 First step, find Euro bumpers. #HooniverseThings

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Of course, he must tap-dance around parts for his 1966 Ford F100 (aka the “Hoon Truck”) and toys for his daughter, who is, by the way, partially the catalyst for this project. Since Jeff wisely didn’t think his daughter would be particularly safe in a mid-’60s pickup, the ’74 Merc should offer a safer method of transportation.

Once past the pile of truck parts, Jeff shows off LED headlights to replace the antiquated 45-year-old design on the Merc. We suspect a Euro bumper will be in the works soon, as well. The federal 5-mph bumpers look particularly egregious on such a finely designed work of luxury.

Whatever directions The Benz takes, we can’t wait to see its growth and development.

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