Listen to this C63 AMG Black Series Rev

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C63 2

You’ve got to do something when you’re stuck in traffic. You can’t just stare at the ass end of a Lamborghini Gallardo the whole time — or can you? But really, why not make the waiting a little more entertaining by revving your engine?

That’s what a C63 AMG Black Series driver decided to do in Cannes, France. I usually find this kind of behavior repulsive, but I’ve never been at a stoplight near someone whose  car makes a sound like this monster does. It’s angry and metallic, as if a mechanized bull (with the power of 510 horses) were snorting and about to charge.

It even inspires a nearby motorcyclist to twist the throttle handle on his bike. What a wonderful thing to have be contagious. Get an earful from the clip below.

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