Meet the Forum-Built AMG C63 “Tracktool” of Our Dreams

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AMG C63 on the Track

This Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is a road car built to dominate the track.

A great many of our members with AMG C63 sedans have made performance modifications, but few of them have gone as crazy as “joe quax”. He introduced us to his Mercedes-Benz “Tracktool” last year and while it might be a bit too extreme for some people, this AMG is a wicked combination of road car and track car abilities.

C63 Tracktool Rear Big Wing

The Introduction

When the OP first introduced us to his Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 “Tracktool”, he gave us a quick explanation of the project and a detailed modification list. Mind you, he is in Germany, so his grammar is not perfect, but that doesn’t make his car any less impressive.


“In this thread I will introduce you my c63 amg tracktool. Maybe for one or another it is interesting to see what is necessary to make a c63 reliable and fast on the circuit.
I think I will start of with my modlist and I will post a few pictures. If you are interested in detail pictures or want to know more about a specific modification just let me know and I will post more pics and explanation.”

A mod list to envy

The chassis upgrades are numerous, with the most prominent being a full weld-in roll cage set up. From there, carbon fiber doors, trunk, roof and hood add lightness. Additionally, he has two different aero setups, for road and race. There is a big wing, a front splitter, and rear diffuser element to provide big downforce. However, on the street, that big rear wing is exchanged for gurney flap to keep things subtle.

Suspension upgrades include inverted KW Competition coil-over suspension, and upgraded suspension arm bushings. Oh, and an aggressive track-spec alignment with 4.4° of negative camber up front, and 3.7° degrees in the back.

The brake package on the car is equally aggressive. You’re looking at SLS GT3 front brakes, with massive rotors measuring 380-mm in diameter and 36-mm thick. Performance Friction’s “01” brake pad is used (your Editor is a big fan of PFC products on track). The rear brakes are the original caliper and rotor using Pagid RSL1 pads. Castrol SRF brake fluid flows through the calipers and a proper brake ducting setup eliminates issues with boiling over the fluid or cooking the pads or rotors.

Housing those massive stoppers are some pretty serious wheels. They are Motec DTM wheels, which measure 18×10″ +50 in front, and 18×10″ +55 out back. Depending on the event, those wheels are shod in either 265/35R18 Pirelli Trofeo R semi-slicks, or 240/640 Michelin S8L slicks.

Like many track cars, engine upgrades are limited for the sake of durability. There is an Akrapovic titanium exhaust with 200-cell sport catalytic converters. Additionally a modified air box with aftermarket filters sits in the engine bay. An ECU recalibration with a custom tune is also involved.

Inside the office there are Recaro SPG Pole Position seats with Sabelt 6-point harnesses. The window glass has been replaced with lexan and the motors deleted for even more lightness.

The end result of this intense regimen of upgrades?

This C63 weighs in some 370 kilograms lighter than when it began. That’s over 800 pounds of weight reduction. Good lord. Where do we sign up?

C63 AMG Tracktool Front

New additions

Over time, the OP updated his thread when he added vented side racing windows, customized gauges and a new paint job.

C63 Tracktool New Paint

He also switched to a new Remus exhaust system and he made a video showcasing the roar of his Benz with the new pipes.

This AMG C63 looks like a total badass performance sedan, but it is more than just a looker. On the OP’s YouTube channel, he has two in-car videos of his Benz in action on a road course. We have included one of those videos below, along with a small gallery of images. However, for a closer look at this wicked C63, check out the original thread in the forum.

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