Vintage Mercedes-Benz 250GD is Pure G-Class

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1991 Mercedes-Benz 250GD

With the all-new G-Class on its way, it’s worth remembering classics like this 250GD still look fantastic and can take on anything.

We may be coming to the end of an era for the G-Class, but the vintage icons are still out there. Given their durability they will, no doubt, be out there for quite some time. This 250GD we came across on Sotheby’s auction site runs the classic 2.5 diesel engine. The five-cylinder OM602 is generally acknowledged to be one of the most reliable engines made yet. It’s capable of going anywhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 miles without a rebuild.

The 250 GD was built before people decided a G-Wagen could be a luxury vehicle and before AMG had any ideas about breathing their magic on them. 1991 was also before the G-Class made it over to the U.S, where this one currently resides. Sotheby’s has yet to release details on this particular 250GD, but there’s little doubt it was imported. It’s very likely it had some government service somewhere as well. What we can see from the pictures though, is that it’s in mint condition. Assuming the engine doesn’t have a completely absurd amount of miles on it, this machine still has a long life ahead of it. With the front and rear differential lock, it should have a long life of going anywhere the owner damn-well pleases.

1991 Mercedes-Benz 250 GD

We’re loving this modernized take on the aesthetic of the early G-Wagen. Whereas the military drab green usually looks played-out on other vehicles, whoever did this absolutely nailed it. The AMG double five-spokes also help, and the cabriolet top gives helps make for a cool and unique look. The 250GD may have been all about function, but with the right touches, it also has form.

This one goes to show that you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune for an awesome G-Wagen.

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