Mercedes-Benz G-Class Professional: Built to Take on Everything (Video)

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You may be uncomfortable in this pro-grade off-roader, but you’ll know you can take on the world and win.

When you imagine the modern Geländewagen that Mercedes-Benz sells today, you’re likely picturing the wealthy Hollywood elite buying them to take on shopping trips or weekend jaunts to Malibu. Over the decades we’ve watched the G evolve into an ultra-comfortable, ultra-modern conveyance of opulent taste.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Professional

That fact has the traditional off-roader Merc faithful in fits about what their favored German adventure mobile has become. Don’t get it twisted, the G is still super capable when the road disappears into trails, but hardly anyone buying a new one uses it for such shenanigans. That is, unless you’re buying a G-Professional.

The G-Class Professional eschews any of the modern conveniences and luxuries for a solid platform that will make it to the ends of the earth and come back without a worry.

This is the kind of truck that is trusted by firefighters, the Australian Army, and global adventurers. This truck is perfect for the Aussie rancher that has hundreds of square kilometers of land and thousands of head of cattle to rustle up.


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This particular diesel professional is tasked with an adventure across Australia to visit Uluru. If there is anywhere that can test the mettle of an off-roader, it’ll be the Aussie outback. With hot weather, hundreds of miles of open dirt roads, and some of the gnarliest rock outcroppings you’ve ever seen, it’s an off-roader’s paradise. The Australian market is the first to get the G Pro, and it may not ever be sold anywhere else. The toughest Mercedes ever is available as a traditional upright four-seat wagon, or a “ute” with a truck bed on the back. We’re pretty sure we could see a market for a truck like this in Texas or Colorado as well, Mercedes.

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