New CLC To Be Shown At New York Auto Show

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2013 mercedes bls clc spotted on factory floor 37701 1 597x382 New CLC To Be Shown At New York Auto Show

As part of the push to make its cars more appealing and accessible to a bigger range of markets, Mercedes has been announcing a slew of new models, one of which, the CLC, has been termed the baby CLS.

Taking heavy inspiration from its big brother, the CLC will be based on
the B-Class platform, which immediately give us an idea of its
approximate size. This tidbit of information was gleaned from pictures
of the car as a bodyshell in Hungary. Little detail has been coming out,
but work is undoubtedly progressing, because the CLC will reportedly be
launched at the New York Auto Show next year.

Based on its platform size, expected engines are gas and diesel units
in the 2000 cc range, with about 170 to 200 horsepower between them.
Although the B-Class does have a 1.6 liter engine, it might be deemed
too pedestrian for a car that has the groundbreaking CLS as its big

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