Pickup concept unveiled at the 63rd IAA

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Mercedes Reporter Pickup Concept Pickup concept unveiled at the 63rd IAA

Are you fond of trucks? What is it about pickups that gets the unwavering attachment of men? Is it the stout appearance or the reliability that comes with having a truck bed to haul whatever needs to be hauled? Well, consumer preferences aside, here’s something for all you truck lovers may (or may not) like–a pickup concept vehicle that was presented by Mercedes-Benz Technology at the 63rd IAA Commercial Vehicles event held in Hanover, Germany.

Codenamed the ‘Reporter’, MBTech says that the concept is more than just a mere design study. It has got DualX E-Drive drive solution that makes the pickup capable of being plugged in to an electric charging pole, or function as a full all-wheel drive hybrid. With a 70kW electric motor delivering torque to the rear axle, plus a fully-independent 1.2-liter 4-cylinder natural gas combustion engine to power the front wheels, this pickup concept is no pushover. Throw into the mix a gas exhaust turbocharger and you’ll never be short of power from this ecomodder.

MBTech adds that the 1.2-liter engine actually works more as a range and performance booster, rather than as the main powerplant. With it, the Reporter will be able to speed up to 130km/h tops and go empty only after reaching around 300km. These calculations are based on the European Driving Cycle.

Another useful feature of the Reporter is its ‘Solar Top’ which is a miniaturized version of an actual solar panel. With the 266 Watts that it generates, it helps take much of the electrical load off the 12V battery.

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