Pittsburgh Man Gets 1999 SL500 For $20

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322C 597x448 Pittsburgh Man Gets 1999 SL500 For $20

In what must have been an occasion akin to winning the lottery, a Pittsburgh Steeler cafeteria worker got his hands on a 1999 Mercedes SL500 without any idea that he would be in for the surprise of his life.

Maurice Matthews is a cook working for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team,
and had long been joking with secondary coach Ray Horton about his job
and driving around in Horton’s SL500. So, on his last day of work for
the Steelers, Horton approached Matthews, ostensibly to ask for
“whatever money you have in your pocket”. Matthews obligingly gave
Horton $20, to which Horton replied, “Sold for $20!” Horton then gave
the keys to the Mercedes to Matthews.

The cook brought Horton to the airport the next day for his trip to
Arizona, where the new defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals
gave Matthews the documents to the SL500, which currently has a Kelley
Blue Book
value of a little under $18,000. Says Horton of his gesture,
“It’s just taking care of guys who took care of you.”

This is one of the coolest gestures ever, but does it make you like the Steelers even a little? Voice your comments here!

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