Too Much Time and Money = The Red Gold Nightmare McLaren

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by Adam Pockross

Just cause you have gobs of money, doesn’t mean you know how to spend it. And it certainly doesn’t buy you taste. Should you need a prime example of this sentiment, look no further then Ueli Anlicker’s Red Gold Dream SLR. Price tag: 11 million big ones!

Swiss “designer” Anlicker says that he dumped (and we do mean
dumped) some 5.3 million dollars worth of raw materials into this former
supercar. Afterwhich, some 35 craftsman spent upwards of 30,000 man
hours replacing wheel bolts and indicators with rubies, and slathering
gold all over the rims, logos, door handles and even the radiator.

they didn’t stop there; they mixed nearly $300,000 (11 pounds) of gold
with the red paint, which was applied in 25 layers. Because apparently,
it wasn’t enough to just look like it was flecked with gold. 

While the price tag’s been set, the performance isn’t quite where
Anlicker would like. 700 hp just won’t do, so he’s upping the output to
1,000 before the sale, lest it be said it’s not worth the asking price.

Obviously the Red Gold Dream
is every carjacker’s holy grail, so it’s got a GPS
tracker, a remote-disable function and a sensor that politely asks
gawkers to step away from the car. Personally, I’d go with the the
non-polite version with the voice of Mr. T. “Back away from the hideous
ride, Fool.”

While there are a million things wrong with this
former supercar, let’s start with this question: what’s wrong with this
picture? Let us know in the Forums!


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Too Much Time and Money = The Red Gold Nightmare McLaren

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