The Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG Pursuit Car Makes Everyone Look Better

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by Adam Pockross

There’s something about a matte-black Mercedes that really does it for me; it’s just my personal taste. But for the high tech world of car commercials, if you’re going to attach a camera rig to a car, matte-black insures that the camera car will stay out of the spotlight. And if you’re talking about filming rapidly moving objects, it makes even more sense that matte-black vehicle is a ML63 AMG, a w164 specially equipped for high-speed mobile crane filming. Check out the video past the jump to see the fastest, baddest, coolest pursuit camera car in action! 

In the video below, the Pursuit team shows us just how awesome the ML63 Pursuit car really is. “If you really think about what you’re doing, it can make your heart go a little pitter-patter,” says director Sam Bayer.

Bayer and his colleagues are shown shooting a commercial for the television debut of the all-new ML350, which is awesome in its own right, but not nearly as awesome as the vehicle doing the filming.

Brent Fletcher, one of the stunt drivers, sums it up this way: “When you see a nice smooth camera car shot, there’s so much that goes into it that nobody understands.” Thanks to the video below, now you can.

If you had the ML63 AMG Pursuit Car, wouldn’t you just spend all day filming yourself? Shout off in the Forums!

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