Semi-Truck Full of Mercedes-Benz SUVs Tips

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Oh semi-truck driver, you literally had one job: to take a truck-load of Mercedes-Benz SUVs from one place to the other without harming the vehicles. Then you decided to take a road that’s not exactly appropriate for a semi the size of yours. And look what happened. You tipped. Sigh.

This all went down last week on Highway 36 near Cynthiana, Kentucky, north of Louisville.

“This road isn’t meant for semis, it’s too curvy,” Sheriff Shane Stephens said. “If you operate on this road you need to be careful. Fortunately he’s okay.”

He’s okay, but the SUVs certainly are not. The only information about their health comes from this single photo that clearly shows a GLS 450 4Matic, a vehicle that MSRPs at $70,000, lying on its side. And there was at least eight other vehicles formerly on that semi too. Sooooo, you do the math.

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Via [WKYT]

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