Julia Louis-Dreyfus Clowns Mercedes-Benz With Battery-Powered AA-Class

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The auto industry is in unknown territory right now. With strict EPA restrictions looming, manufacturers are looking for various new routes in order to reduce emissions from cars. That means all sorts of hybrids, hydrogen dreams, and most recently, popular electric vehicles.

This direction has never been more apparent than with the recent launch of Tesla’s Model 3. People literally lined up at stores in order to put down the $1,000 deposit for rights to one of the first baby Model S cars. Nearly 200,000 people put in orders for the more affordable all-electric sedan in the first 24 hours, and the most recent report says that number is nearing 400,000. This is all before one of the cars has even made an appearance outside of its official launch night.

The anticipation and excitement is quite comical, considering the vehicle isn’t even that attractive, but in our current world of hype, it’s really not that surprising. But here’s the thing: you still have to charge the car with a plug, and it still has a limited range of 215 mph. Same with the Chevrolet Bolt, which did all of this before Tesla, and in a cooler-looking package. Now Mercedes-Benz and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are here to announce a new age.

“No more plugs, no more charging stations, just 9,648 AA batteries.”

Yep, the new AA-Class is here, and it’s outstanding. It has a top speed of 52 miles per hour, an AA+ rating from Batteries magazine, and a lifetime drivetrain warranty. Unfortunately, batteries are not included.

If you’re a true knit-picker, you’ll notice the Veep star incorrectly says the car has a Bose speaker system, even though that one in the video is definitely the Burmester Audio system. Weird the SNL fact-checkers would miss that.

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