Simplified Voice Control Navigation in Store for Mercedes

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Addresses and general nav inputs can now be converted to an algorithm of three-word combinations

If you’ve ever fiddled with a navigation system by using voice controls, you have probably experienced an error in one way or another. For instance, will a three digit address need to be said as “one, one, eight” or can you blurt out “one eighteen?” You never know until you try. And then there’s those streets that are named after cardinal directions. Try finding East North Street, or West South Street. Or better yet, an RFD address. With typical voice commands, it is not exactly an effort-free thing to do, regardless of how good the operating system is.

A solution has been created by a company called what3words by making a simple code. Putting three words together, and using those combinations as a GPS coordinate that’s accurate by a measure of three feet. Ever been to a building that has more than one entrance? That’s where this tech can come in handy.

As an early investor in the technology, Mercedes hopes to work with what3words and develop voice controls to incorporate the app into the up-coming A-class compact and the possibilities of usefulness are endless. Can’t remember where you parked your car in a big parking lot? This will take you to within 3 feet of your car. According to the website, you’re often able to cognitively remember a three word combination more accurately than a numerical address as well. Additionally, the entire system can operate with a poor signal or connection, so areas where satellite navigation might not be accurate or up to date. In all, it seems like a very cool feature to us.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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