Sweet Sound: Brabus C63 With Akrapovic Exhaust

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So, how do you take an already amazing sounding Mercedes Benz C63 and make it sound even better? Well, first you want to take it to Brabus to make it louder and faster. A Brabus tuned vehicle is a special one when it leaves the shop. It makes more power, produces a far better sound, and handles so much better. However, the “standard” sound of Brabus isn’t enough for some. That’s why this C63 got a set of long tube headers. And if that’s not enough, then you need to call Akrapovic to get an Evolution Titanium Exhaust System. Why’s that? Well take a listen to the video below. As you listen to this monster on the Dynapack dyno, just ask yourself this: “Why shouldn’t my C63 sound like this?”

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