A Thermal Camera Burnout Is Mesmerizing

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Science, Art and Hoonery Combine to Create an Awesome Burnout Video

If you need further proof that science is amazing, allow us to point you to Jason Fenske, the mind behind Engineering Explained. We have featured a few videos of his here on MBWorld, but this new one just might be our favorite.

Armed with a thermal camera from FLIR, with a going price of about $55k, Jason has been doing explorative science on almost everything he can think of. This time, he’s delving into the rear tires of a car that is actively doing a burnout.

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Impressively, Fenske creates an infrared science video about the heat properties at work during a burnout. If there was a Nobel Prize for being a hooligan, he would be in the top running for sure.

This is Engineering Explained, though, so there is some real science happening, aside from all the stunning video. Jason uses variable tire pressure on the tires to see what difference it makes. He also speaks to how camber and alignment affect temp gradients. You can even see some brake warming happening, as Jason has to modulate the brakes to keep his S2000’s from launching away during the burnout. It’s fascinating, funny, beautiful, and mesmerizing. We’ve watched it about six times already.

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