W123 Spins Right Round on the ‘Ring

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🎶 ABC … it’s easy as W123 … or simple as spinning out … on the ‘Ring … for all to see, baby, you and me, girrrrl. 🎶

Driving the Nordschleife is no easy task. Driving a W123 on a wet Nordschleife is just asking for a rough day. The poor guy in the video below found that out the hard way. While coming around a turn, he started to lose traction, and oppo-locked his wheel, causing a 180. The car then drifted off into the shoulder and dragged along the protectant rail before coming to a full stop.

It’s another perfect example of how quickly things can go sour, if you’re not on your game, even if you’ve done turns like this 100 times before. Different variables require different adaptations. Thankfully, everybody is okay, and the W123 only received a few scratches, and will live on to have more songs sung in her name.

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