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4 all who own a merc please reply looking to pruchase need feedback >

4 all who own a merc please reply looking to pruchase need feedback

C-Class (W204) 2008 - 2014: C180K, C200K, C230, C280, C300, C350, C200CDI, C220CDI, C320CDI

4 all who own a merc please reply looking to pruchase need feedback

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I own 2008 C-350 2008 E-350 2005 C -230 Kompressor 2006 FORd F-350 6.0
Arrow 4 all who own a merc please reply looking to pruchase need feedback

Hello I never owned a mercedes looking to for your feed back back is this car expensive to maintian does it always break would you get another merc if you traded your own car im lookin at 2008 c 350 i don know anyone who has a merc only heard all theses stories is it a car to keep for 9 yr or should i get rid of it after 4 yr cause it a big money spender i only had one car in a honda time to move up please post your response about the car and your expercince with merc im not rich person im looking for sometihng nice and reliable can anyone tell me about there past with the mercedes they drive has i been a good car to you or money spender let me know what you think i feel in love with 2008 c 350 but im not sure if it the car for me i dont want to throw away my hard earned money thank you ......... i wated to ask you all you guy with model from 2007 and lower to see your input i dotn mind spending money on oil once a yr but is this car reliable

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2007 C350 6M
You are in the wrong forum... W204 is 2008 models... We are W203 C class 2007 and older.....

Yes if you are so concerned, definitely do not buy. They are very expensive to maintain. $165 for an oil change
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Yes no yes yes yes somewhat you're welcome.
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2006 SLK 280
you have to love the car, this is my 9th and it can be expensive but i am worth it !!!!!...LOL
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Another newb that need to be slapped...
People who don't use punctuation and write at a 6th grade level should drive Yugo's.
I'm in a newb slappin' mood. Who's next? Any more dumass newb questions tonight? Bring it on...I CAN be very helpful...but tonight, some newbs are gonna die....brewhahahahahaha!!!!!
Die of my surly wit!!!!

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I downgraded to a VW, it's still German though
Well, I can't read half of that post, so I'll just start talking because I am bored. Mercedes will hook you up with $150 oil changes, $200 'A' services, and $400 'B' services. Doing it yourself still costs $60 for an oil change. Plus all their cars require premium unleaded. So no more 87 octane. Why put up with all of this? Some like to look flashy, others like self-torture, some like the ride and solid feeling of the car, and a few have some Deutsch pride in them and like finely engineered cars.

Also, you can't just spend money on oil once a year. Every three months or 3000 miles is when I change mine. I don't drive it but on the weekends or on trips, so I run out of time first. I guess if you drove it once a year you could change the oil once a year? Mercedes will last forever if you take care of it, but I have seen some beat to death and still rolling around in good order. The parts are cheap to get for the do-it-yourself types. Just those petro products. Damn that ExxonMobil. Why does their gas and Mobil 1 oil have to be so expensive? Maybe I should buy it in bulk from Saudi Arabia. Factor in shipping, and it'd probably still be cheaper than Autozone.
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2005 c230k
These cars are expensive to maintain if you are not a do it yourself type. The electronics is terrible on these cars always something here or there. If you have had good luck with the Accord you will probably be in for a shock with the cost of this car. Any dealer service will cost you 3-6 times more than you probably pay now. I love my car and you definetly need to love a car to but up with the cost to drive it. Now for the 2008's it seems like they have heard consumer complaints and put alot of work into the new models. Since they are new there is no telling yet on the reliability.
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2007 C230 Sport manual
First of all...I absolutely love Mercedes products, but that is just me. I have had a 2001 C-Class coupe, a 2004 C-Class sport sedan, and now a 2007 C-Class sport sedan. They all drove great..stearing and handling are tight. Great at high speed...fun in the twisties. I think they are better than Audi or BMW, primarily because I do not like the way those makes look. They are expensive to maintain, but that is because they are built well. If you really enjoy driving, then go for a Merc/BMW/Audi. If you do not really like driving, then stick with a Japanese car, as it will serve your needs nicely.

Having said all of that, in my opinion, there is very little of substance that seperates the 2008 C-class from the 2007. The styling is new of course, you get a cool I-Drive computer thingy if you want, but the engines are basically the same. I test drove the 2008 350 sport and it was not much different than my 2007.

The bottom-line: If you want a C-Class Mercedes, but want a deal, then buy a 2007...the dealers are almost giving them away now.
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School bus
Boy, that english is giving me a headache...
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I have an 06 C230 Sport. This is my 3rd MBZ. My previous one was a 96 C220. I drove it for 10 years and put in 150K miles. Just regular maintenance and wear and tear issues, no major problems For me, I only take them to the dealer for warranty repairs. All the other stupid Service A, B dealer schemes, I have them done by an independent MBZ shop. Oil changes from independent MBZ shops only cost about 60-80 dollars. Yes, they cost more to maintain than a Honda. But MBZ is not a Honda. Price is all relative to what you're getting for your money. Honda is reliable and cheaper, that's a great combination. For me, MBZ is also reliable, not cheaper, but a safer car in my opinion. To me, there's no price to pay for safety. We all work very hard for different reasons, provide for a family, or just to survive. To me, driving a MBZ everyday to and from work is my reward for working hard. At the end of the day, it's a great feeling to be pulling up in my garage with my C230 or washing it on my driveway on weekends and get some looks from my neighbors. Life is too short, enjoy it.
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go with lexus if you want something very reliable, w204 is new no one is gonna be able to tell you the reliable issue.
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'11 ML350 P2
MB's drives nice but you really gotta "love what you drive" since maintenance is alot more than japanese counterparts. I come from a honda background as well and was disappointed with reliability of our MB. If you plan to keep the MB for 9yrs or whatever I would highly recommend extended warranty.
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MB is very reliable car so you shouldn't expect any problems. Basic maintenance is affordable ($90 in my dealership) however you need to do it once in 15K miles, for me it means once in 18 months. Oil change procedure is very simple, so DIY and save $60.
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If you want Honda reliability and want to "step up", you might also consider Acura.
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