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MBAMGPWR 12-29-2004 04:09 PM

The Official W211 Wheel Thread: Post Pics
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I know this has been done several times on this site, but I would like to get a thead going of W211's with various wheel pictures. I am looking at purchasing some wheels for my E55, and I think it would be really nice to have one thread with all the pictures in one instead of members saying, "here, go to this link, that link, etc."

So, I'll start by posting pics of the cars I've found so far on this site. Thanks to the owners of the cars for posting up pics in the first place, you all have beautiful cars.

CALBenzo & 19" HRE 841's

04E55 AMG & 19" OEM AMG's

TCM & customers 19" HRE 547R's

Vic55 & 19" Maya STM's

20" Dronell BR's
Attachment 387204
Attachment 387204

BenzoBoi's old (?) HRE's...

t-bone & AVUS AF-M02 19"

stephens & 19" Brabus Mono 6's...

Dr. Chill & 19" HRE 547R(?)'s...

Peter B & 18(?)" HRE 547R's...

That's all I have at the moment...

Please feel free to add your own pictures to this thread. Hopefully, we can get enough response to make this a sticky here. I think this would be very helpful for other W211 owners on what various wheels/sizes/finishes looks like on the cars.

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:34 AM

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Heres my contribution :y :zoom:

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:35 AM

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theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:37 AM

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More :y

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:39 AM

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Yep, more

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:42 AM

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19" OZ Superleggera III's

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:43 AM

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20" Fabulous Profound

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:44 AM

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19" Lorinser RS6, Lorinser bodykit

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:47 AM

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Lorinser bodykit, 19" Zauber Gettin's

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:48 AM

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20" Brabus mono VI (looks like replicas?)

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:50 AM

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20" Fabulous Profound

theitalianjob 12-31-2004 06:52 AM

I still have a lot more, but I'm too lazy to post them :hammer: Maybe I'll post them tomorrow :wall:

Duane 12-31-2004 10:20 AM

Please keep them coming, my car is due in end of February and am still undecided.

W211 Ryda 12-31-2004 11:58 AM

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W211 Ryda 12-31-2004 11:58 AM

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BenzoAMGpower 12-31-2004 04:44 PM

im in love with the HRE 547Rs

BenzoAMGpower 12-31-2004 04:47 PM

Here are some RENNTech Monolites


03BABY! 12-31-2004 05:07 PM

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Great PICs! A few more...

BenzoBoi 01-01-2005 07:10 AM

This thread is awesome...

Oh btw my rims are 20's :)

eagleeye 01-01-2005 09:11 AM

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A few more

eagleeye 01-01-2005 09:22 AM

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Avus AF-MO2

CALBenzo 01-01-2005 11:55 AM

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Great thread :y

Most of the good ones are already shown. Here are a few that I haven't seen listed yet.

HRE 847s, BRAV's Angstroms, and some more obscure wheels. The last set of wheels by Domanig are FUGLY, but the flares look nice.

CALBenzo 01-01-2005 12:01 PM

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One last one which I don't know what they are, but they are on REJOE's E-Class.

Duane 01-01-2005 12:19 PM

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Great thread, which ones are these?

W211 Ryda 01-01-2005 12:29 PM

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Sorry, couldn't find a whole pic of the car in the first 2 pics. :nix:

Attachment 387168
Attachment 387169
Attachment 387170
Attachment 387171
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