Mercedes-Benz C-Class: How to Remove Engine Cover

Learn how to take the engine cover off of your Mercedes-Benz C-Class using a little determination.

By Mark Garrett - May 19, 2015

This article applies to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2007-2014).

The cover over the top of your Mercedes-Benz C-Class engine is not only good looking but also houses the air filters for the engine. You may just want to see what is under the cover or remove it to replace the air filters. It can be intimidating to know how much force to use to get the cover off without breaking it, but the following can give you the confidence you need to remove the cover.

Materials Needed

  • Anti-seize compound or lithium grease

Step 1 – Remove the front part of the engine cover

Stand in front of the vehicle and grasp the front part of the engine cover that has the MB logo on it on both sides. Pull up firmly on it near the front until it pops loose. Then pull towards you slightly and remove the cover.

Figure 1. Front part of engine cover.

This is how the engine will look after you have removed the front of the engine cover. Notice the points in red that show where the cover clips on to the engine.

Figure 2. Engine after front cover removed showing attachment points.

Step 2 – Remove the engine cover

The parts circled in red in Figure 3 (flex intake tubes and breather hose) must be pulled off from engine cover before removing the rest of the it. Just pull the hoses loose. Now grab each side of the cover near the intake tube that are part of the cover (red lines) and pull up with some force. It will take a good bit of effort the first time as the clips hold really well.

Figure 3. Hoses to remove and where to lift the cover.

With the engine cover removed, you can see the part of the pressure clips on the engine (circled in red in Figure 4). Of course, they hold it very securely, but now that you have removed it once it will be a breeze next time. To help make it even easier, put some anti-seize compound or lithium grease on the clips.

Figure 4. Clips on engine for the cover.

Pro Tip

It is a good idea to cover the throttle body opening now that the engine cover is off. You do not want anything to get into the engine.

To install the engine cover, just reverse the order that you removed the items in. Be sure that the throttle body opening of engine cover pops down and seals against it. Now you will feel confident about removing your engine cover in the future, and changing the air filters will be a snap, too.

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