This week’s AMG Monday Morning Wake-Up Call footage comes from the 2012 WannaGOFAST Georgia Half-Mile Shootout. The star of this video is an E63 AMG Wagon that starts off with a race against a heavily tuned BMW E90 3 Series. After that, it goes toe-to-toe against a wicked-quick V8 Mazda Miata. The E63 hustles down […]

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG vs E92 BMW M3 Featured

On an AMG Monday Morning Wake-Up Call in October we showed you an exhaust sound battle between an E92 BMW M3 and a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. In that last battle the cars were standing still. The video below takes the action a step further by comparing the exhaust sounds when the cars are accelerating. As […]


All carmakers have been having a record year, sales and profits are up in virtually every segment and within every company. But Mercedes-Benz is poised to dethrone, recent US-luxury market king, BMW. In fact, BMW has led the US market in luxury sales for the last two years. But based on an improved/improving economy and […]

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Featured

Mercedes-Benz is the most popular luxury brand in America with last month’s sales up 25 percent over the year before. The brand’s sales success can be attributed to the CLA-Class that has recently gone on sale. With a new, low-priced model in showrooms, the gap between Mercedes-Benz and sales runner-up, BMW, is widening. Last month […]


Let’s get straight to the number-junkie porn: 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S 4MATIC Specs 577-hp, 590-lb-ft 5.5L twin-turbo V8 Power at the Wheels: 541 horsepower & 505 lb-ft of torque Seven-speed automatic (MCT) 0-60: 3.4 seconds 1/4 mile: 11.6 seconds @ 121.8 mph 60-0: 106 feet Lateral Acceleration: 0.95 G Curb Weight: 4,511 lbs. As-Tested […]


Here’s an AMG Monday Morning Wake-Up Call to get your adrenaline pumping. The video below puts you in the passenger seat of the new Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG 4MATIC. Tuned to 700 horsepower by Gorilla Racing, this Benz meets a worthy competitor: a stock F12 BMW M6 with 560 (underrated) horsepower. In the comments, post your […]

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG vs BMW E92 M3 Featured

For this week’s AMG Monday Morning Wake-Up Call, we’re pitting Baden-Württemberg’s war cry against Bavaria’s rebel yell — it’s the battle of exhaust noises. Representing the State of Baden-Württemberg is the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Representing Bavaria is the E92 BMW M3. Because this is, I’ll venture to guess you prefer the Benz’s baritone over the BMW’s tenor, […]


Mercedes-Benz brass has confirmed to Car and Driver that they will be introducing a new crossover based on the ML-Class that will compete with the BMW X6. Your guess is as good as ours regarding what they would call this thing, but “MLC” is a good start at name speculation. For many, cars like the […]


These Photos of the Week come from forum member “BigVic” who says he once subjected himself to driving a $2,000 car after sacrificing everything to start his company. It looks like his sacrifice paid off because he just slapped some Rennen Forged R5 X Concave wheels on his 2005 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. He even bought a […]


If you can forgive the flamboyant music at the beginning of this video, you’ll enjoy watching this installment of Russian drag racing. If you can’t stand butt techno, you might want to press on, but you’ll miss out on some good action between a stock 670-horsepower Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series, a 680-horsepower PP-Performance Stage […]