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M-Class (W164) 2006-2011: ML280CDI, ML320CDI, ML420CDI, ML350, ML500, ML550

Side Mirror swap /2011 ~ 2006

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Old 03-13-2012, 08:45 AM   #26
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Well my mirrors were taken of a crashed ML and they cut the plugs :-s to take them off... Smart guys :-s

I will try changing the motors inside, the rest won't be extremely hard. A wiring diagram for 2010 mirrors or a high quality picture like your FDC_008 would really help. Or a picture of the plugs with the coloured wires on top would also be great But I think that 13 is not my lucky day
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mirror swap~out

Can you ask them to take the door panel off and give you the plug.
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I don't know if you can buy the plug separate are you using the existing plug of the vehicle? Perhaps you can go to M B Parts dpt. and see if they have the mirror in stock and tell them the situation and maybe theyll let you see it and then you can see the wire colors and the clip.
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It was a really hard job But I made it. I took the motors from the old mirrors, and made a custom wiring from the old wiring, that fits and works perfectly with the new mirrors. Of course everything made in a professional way
Everything works except the "blind spot" which is not installed on my car. The only problem that I am facing now is to change, somehow, the yelow bulb form the number plate to a led light as it is the only yellowish light on the exterior of the car. The problem is that I tried 10 different types of can bus leds and none worked (check lamp error). I saw a tread about the cars with production date over 03.2009 have a different check method and they detect any light malfunction different than the previous to 03.2009.... My car is 09.2009, so that's a new challenge.
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^^That looks awesome! Nice job.

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Originally Posted by swefoto View Post
Can you ask them to take the door panel off and give you the plug.
I asked them for the wirings, but the car was sold allready. I first bought the mirrors and took them for a paint job. After that I waited a bit so the weather gets a little hotter so I won't freeze outside And 4 weeks passed till I discovered that I need the original wirings too But it was a happy end situation in my case with a little brainstorming
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Changing mirrors

Originally Posted by swefoto View Post
Cure for small vantage point. The 06 side mirrors were always to small for a truck/SUV because they were originally designed for the sedans.

For my 06 ML I purchased the new 2011 164 mirror assembly.
It consisted of the;
mirror motor, with memory and auto dim PN 164 810 46 93 -7 (R)Pssgr. 164 810 51 93-7 (L)Driverside
mirror cover, 166 810 02 64 7 (R) 166 810 01 64-7 (L)
cover molding, 251 810 02 15 -7 (R) 251 810 01 15-7 (L)
and the mirror Glass. 166 810 14 19 (R) 166 810 13-19 (L)

In the case of color coding the motor, housing and molding can be color ordered. Simply substitute your color code instead of the -7. example. my color code is 5349 (Alpine Rain) so its 166 810 02 64 5349 and so on.

The original equipment included memory seats which included mem mirrors as well. They feature;
Mem. position adj. (by key chip)
remote fold away,
reverse tilt assist,
lock and fold away
auto dim,
defrost heated,
under side courtesy light,
and of course the amber turn signal.

The unit I purchased has all those features (plus N/A blind spot warning)

First I removed the tweeter speaker cover with a 1 inch spatular and then removed the speaker from the housing. Next I removed the door panel;
push the lock/unlock buttons at the same time and pull the small pin out to remove .
Remove the hidden carriage bolt inside. (4.5 mm Hex fitting).
Remove molding under door arm rest by gently prying with a flat tool (Thin spatular)
Then remove the two bolts.
Pry the panel away from the door with spatular, remove and prop up.
This will expose the connection point of the mirror wire plugs. I then removed the mirrors two male plugs. Next I removed the 3 , (T 26 socket fitting) carriage bolts. The mirror comes free remove the wire from the door opening. Then assemble in reverse order. Excellent!!!

The unit was basically plug and play. All the features work, but most of all the small point of view on the passenger side has increased dramatically. I feel more secure now because I can see more on both sides.

PS; you will want to have some spare door plastic clips to replace damaged ones $1.50 each

That's the story!!!

Hello swefoto, i am trying to do the same like you. My ml has memory seats, antifrost, dimming, folding, etc.
I bought in eBay a pair of mirrors that doesnt have memory. Please tell me if the mirror must have a different motor with memory or the memory function comes from the seat module.

Here you can see the ítem in eBay:

Thank you very much
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Originally Posted by swefoto View Post
Agreed IMO very expensive. Esp. the driver's side mirror. It has some liquid metallic compound inside the glass elements. Don't ask me what it is duno. But perhaps when an after market mirror becomes available at a fraction of the cost then it could shave $600. of the cost
I think it's for the auto-dimming feature.

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Old 09-05-2012, 09:43 PM

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