Rule Your Neighborhood in a 1985 Stretch W123 Limo

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With this W123 limo, you too can ride in the style of a world leader, for a bargain price.

The stretch wheelbase Mercedes limo has long been the car to be driven in when you not only want to impress people, but you also want to impress the people. These cars have been beloved by world leaders since the 1950s, or even before. The big Mercs had a reputation for being practically bullet proof, reliability wise, and close to bulletproof, literally (some of them actually are).

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Here is a 1985, 300D Langversion (long wheelbase) sedan from 1985, originally delivered to Israel, for sale in Northern California. The car has seen better days, but is in pretty decent shape. That’s considering this may at one time have been a glorified taxi. After its still classified mission in Israel, this car served as a shuttle for an expensive hotel in the San Francisco Bay area. This car is being offered by the same folks selling the 1963 W110 Heckfloße Kombiwagen from a few weeks ago.

This 300D was listed on eBay with a buy it now price of $7,500, before being ended. Will it be relisted at a higher price? Who knows, but that price is a definite bargain for all this class.

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