2010 Mercedes Benz AMG E63 Review: Engine, Suspension, and Performance

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The 2010 Mercedes Benz AMG E63 is part of the 2010 Mercedes Benz E-Class, which received a major facelift and left behind the friendly smile of the previous E-Class for the far more aggressive scowl. These upgrades have been echoed throughout the lineup, from the gas and diesel powered E350 through the E550, and those edgy improvements are punctuated by the power of the 2010 Mercedes Benz AMG E63. While the 2010 AMG E63 looks great, it’s packed with enough power to keep up with just about any luxury car in the world and a revised suspension system to handle even the sharpest high speed turns.

The 2010 Mercedes Benz AMG E63 wears the same angular new skin as its
less powerful siblings, but the front fenders are 17mm wider to
accomadate the 19″ alloy wheels wrapped in high performance rubber. The headlights appear to be similar to the E350 and E550, but unique
LED daytime running lights and bi-xenon headlights give the 2010
Mercedes Benz AMG E63 a high tech look. Overall, the new E63 is a
great looking car, but the big news is what you cant see when its
sitting still.

The 2010 Mecedes Benz AMG E63 is powered by the same engine as the AMG
SL63 roadster, which is the 32 valve, 6.3L V8 pumping out an awesome
518 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. The 2010 E63 also borrows its
transmission from the roadster, with a 7-speed automatic transmission
named the AMG SPEEDSHIFT offering similar performance to a manual
transmission, but without a clutch pedal. This high-tech automatic
transmissions has four different preprogrammed shift modes, offering
varying stages of performance; “C” (Controlled Efficiency), “S”
(Sport), “S+” (Sport plus) and “M” (Manual), and each of them offers a
stronger, more positive shift than the prior. This drivetrain setup
allows the 2010 Mercedes Benz AMG E63 to dash from 0-60 in just 4.4
seconds and to hit a top speed of 155mph, but that is limited by the
computer. The good news is that even with more power and improved
performance, the 2010 E63 gets better fuel economy than its

The acceleration and top speed of the 2010 Mercedes Benz AMG E63 is
impressive, but the folks at AMG left nothing untouched, including the
suspension system. Like the transmission, the suspension offers the
driver full control between comfort and performance. Tuned suspension
at all four corners allow the car to handle better, and the new AMG
Ride Control system lets the driver select between Comfort, Sport, and
Sport Plus suspension modes. This makes the 2010 AMG E-Class not only
ride like a luxury car, but at the push of a button it will handle like
a race car.

The 2010 Mercedes Benz AMG E63 combines high power with high
technology, creating one of the fastest yet most comfortable luxury
sedans in the world.

The E63 AMG shaped up nicely. A proper suspension matched up with a serious engine from SL63 AMG. This car is gonna fun. Just one little itch that bothers the same little spot every time: when is Mercedes Benz and AMG gonna give the driver a manual transmission? Should or is it necessary?

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