Geneva Auto Show: 2013 A-Class Revealed!

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Mercedes’ new A-Class already has trick integration with Apple’s iPhone, but we haven’t gotten any clear looks at the actual car. Luckily, these shots have leaked ahead of the car’s official debut this week at the Geneva Auto Show. Check out the new A-Class inside.

Compared to the current model, this one is a stunner. The bland, MPV look of the outgoing A-Class has been graciously replaced with sweeping curves, an agressive front end, and a real, 5-spoke rims. This new look reminds me a of Mazda 3. Except that silly grin has been replaced with a crosshair. Aggressive? Yeah, but it’s a good thing.
It’s good to know the A-Class has shed its ugly-duckling exterior for a more curvaceous body to go along with it’s apple-branded brain. We won’t know what’s under the hood until it’s official reveal at Geneva later this week. It’s no silver arrow, but we’ll take it.

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