SPY SHOTS: 2013 GL-Class and A-Class

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By Marcus Slater

Mercedes was caught playing in the snow with updated models
for their A and GL class model lines. The both cars were wearing black cladding
that covered up most of the interesting bits, but we can still speculate.

Mercedes Benz: 2013 A-Class

The A-class looks prepared to fall in line with
Mercedes latest design language. A sweeping c pillar brings makes the profile
more similar to its bigger brethren in the CLS line. The squared off rear end actually
makes it look similar to Lexus’ Ct200h, but I doubt that’ll be the case when
the plastic comes off. The rendering suggests sweeping curves and dramatic lines, but it’s impossible to tell at this point.

Mercedes Benz – 2013 GL-Class

Where the A-class is looking at a re-design, the big Mercedes
will likely just be getting a face lift. The headlights are slightly different
and the hood now features the characteristic Mercedes vents. They’re a
small addition, but they give the GL a bit of Mercedes heritage. It’s a nice
touch for those who are paying attention.

Personally, these photo’s make me anxious for the 2013 model
year. Word around the rumor-mill is that the A class will be getting the AMG
treatment to the tune of 300hp and AWD. That kind of power and capability would
make it a real weapon against the Audi S1. Now that’s a dog fight I’d love to see.

Opinions? Speculation? Let us know what you think of this odd couple in the forums!

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