Mercedes 300 SL Roadster: A Beauty Worthy of Admiration

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This restored convertible makes a strong argument for the 300 SL being the most beautiful Merc ever built.

We show you a lot of classic Mercedes Benz 300SLs here on MBWorld. We aren’t at all sorry about that, mind you, just stating the facts. That said, Bill Feldhorn’s painstakingly restored ‘57 300SL Convertible represents an extraordinary example of the breed.

The Goodwood Road & Racing YouTube Channel caught up with Feldhorn and his work of art. As you would expect, the Goodwood team captured every curve of this beauty just right. With slow panning shots and close-ups, the video captures the car’s elegance perfectly.

1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

The Gullwing versions own the pedigree charts for racing success, but the drop-tops might look even better. Without the roofline, the unbroken curve across the decklid makes a jaw dropping vision. It’s like the first time you saw the Grand Canyon or your significant other sans clothing.

Feldhorn gives a brief history of his ‘57, as well. The 300SL came disassembled in crates, mostly. The original owner’s son had begun a restoration that he was unable to finish. It took more than four years to piece it all back together into a sterling example of the 300SL roadster.

Because he drives his collection regularly, Feldhorn says he wanted the updated version of the 300SL. The later (‘57 and up) roadsters got an uprated 3.0-liter engine. The leaned-over inline six made 25 more horsepower and complemented an improved rear suspension, as well.

A quick glance at Hagerty suggests this is easily a seven-figure car. Even if Feldhorn beats on it regularly, he could probably get more than $1 million for it any time he wanted. And when you take in its appearance in conjunction with the driving piano-sonata soundtrack in the video, everything just clicks.

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