Legend 6 Exhibit Celebrates Evolution Of Vehicle Drive Systems

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mercedes legend 6 597x398 Legend 6 Exhibit Celebrates Evolution Of Vehicle Drive Systems

In celebrating the company’s 125 years as a car manufacturer, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart has opened a new room called the Legend 6. The theme for this room is ‘New start – the Road to Emission-free Mobility’. Recall that it was 125 years ago this year that Carl Benz received the patent for the world’s first car and you can see why this year is a cause for celebration and looking forward for Mercedes.

Surrounded by 60 rooms that show a Mercedes timeline, visitors to the
museum will be able to see how drivetrains evolved throughout the
company’s history. Like other Legend exhibits, there are also
interactive modules that allow visitors to find out more about
Mercedes. For this room, the emphasis will be on future developments
and drivetrains, such as low emission engines, electric hybrids, fuel
cell drive systems.

Aside from the electronic displays, visistors to the Legend 6 room
will be able to see a Mercedes-Benz Turbodiesel, the NECAR1 (which was
the world’s first fuell-cell vehicle) and the B-Class F-Cell, among

Says Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic, “The motor car’s
landmark anniversary is on everyone’s lips. Not only are we kicking off
the anniversary year by looking at the history of the automobile, but
our new room ‘New start – The Road to Emission-free Mobility’ mainly
looks ahead to the future.”

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