RENNTech SLR Shows Extreme Performance From Minimal Mods

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Some people just have no respect for the Mercedes engineers who spend hundreds–if not thousands–of hours testing and tuning the carmaker’s products for the best performance. And that’s actually a good thing! Because if there were no tuners like RENNtech who seek to obtain the ultimate performance from cars they lay their hands on, we wouldn’t be seeing this video.

Billed as the world’s fastest Mercedes-powered Mercedes, this video shows a RENNtech-tuned Mercedes SLR McLaren doing a 10.31 in the quarter mile. With a trap speed of 136 mph, it’s pretty quick, considering that the mods done to it consisted of bolt-ons. The combination of a smaller supercharger pulley, upgraded intercoolers, revised ECU and a sports exhaust resulted in an output of 770 horsepower. As you can see, the tuner left well enough alone but even with these relatively minor mods, the resulting performance was enough to turn in a pretty quick time.

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